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* Origins

  Kaohsiung Film Archive is located by the river side of Love River in a beautiful image building. It unfolds a new page to the cinematic history of Kaohsiung. 
For a long time, there were no social education organizations to promote cinema activities. In addition, there were few software and hardware facilities relating to the cinema in southern Taiwan. All activities held by the film industry were centered in northern Taiwan. In order to facilitate cultural development, to promote the film industry and to bring the audience in southern Taiwan more diversified visions. Kaohsiung City Government has been facilitating the establishment of Kaohsiung Film Archive since 2000. After many turns, the old building of Kaohsiung City Chinese Orchestra was chosen as the final location for Kaohsiung Film Archive. Before serving as the rehearsal venue for Kaohsiung City Chinese Orchestra, it was the campus building of Yencheng Junior High School and public service station of KMT Party. The building has been idle since the Orchestra moved to the Kaohsiung Music Center.
   After confirming the location, Mayor HSIEH CHANG-TING and his team have been searching for financial support. Meanwhile, they also sought subsidy from the central government and obtain subsidies from the Ministry of the Interior, Education Bureau and Council for Cultural Affairs for the establishment of the Film Archive.
Based on the concept of image design, Kaohsiung Film Archive looks like a large screen, projecting the busy city. The architect re-designed the building from strengthening the structure, transforming the unused dark space to the eye-catching Film Archive. It created new values for the old building and brushed up people’s memories. Kaohsiung Film Archive has become a cultural icon along the beautiful Love River.

* Enjoy films everyday Make films by everyone
Enjoy films everyday Make films by everyone  Visitors can enjoy movies here everyday as long as the Film Archive is open.

  Kaohsiung Film Archive is the first cultural base to specifically promote image and art in southern Taiwan on a long-term basis, bringing people different visions and diversified film activities and provide solid film making lessons. It is expected to cultivate talents for the film industry and make people in Kaohsiung understand film art. It creates an environment where visitors can enjoy the world of film all day long.
   Operating based on the concept of “Public Cinema,” the Kaohsiung Film Archive organizes film-relating activities all year around and plays free or diversified artistic films from time to time, providing audience different choices other than commercial movies. Visitors can enjoy movies here everyday as long as the Film Archive is open.
   Kaohsiung City Government will also promote the popular “Kaohsiung Film Festival” and “Southern Taiwan Film & Video Festival” to enhance local film culture. Kaohsiung Film Archive also organizes themes film festivals regularly, bringing the astonishing visual feast. 

* The Land of Images and Dreams

Visitors can enjoy movies here everyday as long as the Film Archive is open.   Kaohsiung Film Archive not only brings people films but also shows the spirit of the city to help people establish self-recognition and self-exploration, which is another important mission of the Film Archive. Historical culture of Kaohsiung, such as “Old theaters of Kaohsiung,” “Kaohsiung in movies,” and “Film makers from the south,” can be seen through various movie themes organized by the Film Archive and information exhibited there. It will help Kaohsiung find a new mission and positioning in the future film development.
Love River, where Kaohsiung Film Archive is located, has been transformed into a lovely scenery spot. Kaohsiung Museum of History, Kaohsiung Music Center, Renai Park, and Riverside Café form a small museum tribe along Love River, allowing everybody to experience different kinds of cultures and enjoy relaxing time by the river within a short time and distance. Kaohsiung Film Archive creates not only a space of image, but also a land of dreams.

Start the dream of film from Kaohsiung Film Archive!

Kaohsiung Film Archive
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